How can you use Twitter as a Social Media Marketing tool?

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Twitter comparatively new to Facebook and the next big thing in social media is a great tool for sharing bits of information all day long.

In my view, Twitter is the means to send your potential clients instant messages in one-click and under 160 characters. So does that really make it a marketing tool for your business? Yes, definitely. Twitter is being used in many different ways such as a learning medium, customer service platform, promotion announcements, brand building. In this post, I am going to discuss each one of these to give you a brief idea about how it works and how you can make use of Twitter.

1. Lets start with customer service platform.
Some firms, personalities and even government offices, use Twitter to provide a platform for discussion of queries. These queries can be product support, information request and sometimes used to even put forward personal views and opinions. This is something I came across recently and was surprised how Twitter was actually make a difference in its own way –

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So in this image, we have Mr. Naheed Nenshi – Mayor of Calgary; actually replying to concerns by Calgary residents. This is not just one; we have a few more screenshots that have gone viral – about how Nenshi got Taco Bells to open restaurants in certain parts of the city. So other than government officers, we also have non-profit organizations using a free platform such as Twitter to spread ideas across the globe.

Take away – If your organization is on Twitter, you might consider using it as customer service platform – you never know when your posts can go viral.

2. Learning Medium

Follow your favourite personalities, organizations, businesses and causes. With millions of daily tweets out there, there is much to learn about them. Read what your competition is upto. Learn about the latest developments in your field. In those 160 characters, people share a great deal of information to learn from. Keep a tab on yourself too – you don’t want negative publicity going through your twitter account. For example, in Calgary, there was a car interest loan fiasco through a particular bank. Once this was out in the news, the bank had to deal with a lot of negative comments and views on different social media platforms. Make sure you know how to tackle this situation if it ever arises.

3. Product information and Promotions

Use Twitter, to announce new products, features and great offers online. Submit a link to the original offer page so those who are interested can easily find out more. Keep your account up-to-date. Submit useful information regularly on your account to not only keep followers but also build a brand image. The key in Twitter is to provide useful information and be the first one to do so.

Take away – Make full use of Twitter as a Social Media Marketing tool. Make use of the above techniques to increase online presence and increase your social activity.

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