Outsourcing SEO to Asia? Bad idea!

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Physical access to the opposite party is a very important element in any successful transaction. the absence of physical evidence which cannot be accessed brings credibility under the microscope. and that is why outsourcing in present day scenario is also done with utmost care. although the world is speedily moving towards globalization and trying to remove distance barriers to gain competitive advantages, there are some doubts which make rounds whenever work has to be outsourced.

Asia has forever been the best choice for outsourcing work – especially related to web development and designing. India and China being the top two in the continent due to the high quality intellectual labour which also comes at a cheap cost. The pool of talent is huge in these countries and its only fair to tap this potential.

However there are certain issues which surround the credibility of outsourcing work to India

  • No guarantee of work being done on time, or not done at all. Deposit money never being returned
  • Codes and algorithms are designed in a way that the site goes down when payment isnt being made for deactivation codes
  • If it involves any Black hat technique, the site can be banned from the search engines
  • Lastly, language barriers can create issues in keyword usage

It must be duly noted that not every outsourced agency/team back in india opt for any of the above malpractices. the basic aim of outsourcing is to achieve economies of scale in terms of cost as well as work efficiency. and we are here to help you hit this target in the best possible way.

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