Google Penalty Precaution Guidelines

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Penalty Precaution Guidelines

As we have previously mentioned in our search engine optimization services, ranking is important, however we also have to ensure all our client websites are safe from any kind of penalty; especially when you are working with business owners that rely on websites as a sales tool, and any penalty can destroy the brand name and online image etc. We typically follow the following guidelines. These are basics only. We are not involved in any black hat techniques in any way. These methods follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines as mentioned here.

Google Panda Penalty
Panda mainly penalizes for the following reasons

  • Low quality content
  • Duplicate content
  • Links from Non trustworthy sites – Porn, pharma, bad link neighbourhoods
  • Linking to non trustworthy sites

Latest update to increase trust of site is to add SSL certicate – HTTPS. This also needs dedicated IP so can be expensive. Also note – Panda does not penalize a particular page of the site – it will penalize the entire site.

  • Check client website content (if already there)
  • Check parts of content by using google search to see if they exist anywhere else
  • Rectify all content to high quality and original status
  • Check outbound and inbound links of the site
Original content can be added using
  • Professional content writers
  • Client provides content based on experience
  • Client takes professional images or videos to add to the content
  • Add new blogs regularly to improve content.

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